The Business World is Transforming
  • By 2025 the worth of the Internet of Things will be $6.2 trillion.
  • The sharing economy will reach $330 billion by 2025.
  • For people starting their education, 65% will enter the workforce into jobs that don’t exist today.
  • The average tenure on the S&P 500 is dropping. Only 25% of the companies in 2012 will remain by 2023.
  • Automation and robotic usage will grow 2,000% from 2015-2030 amounting to $190 Billion market.
  • 86% of global CEO’s are championing digital transformation of their companies.
  • By 2025, half of world’s companies with revenues exceeding $1 billion will be headquartered in today’s emerging markets.
  • By 2018, the data created by the Internet of Things will reach 403 zettabytes a year.
  • By 2030 the population will be over 8 billion people and 50% of Global GDP growth will come 440 cities in emerging markets.
  • By 2030 more than 30% of workforce will be older than 55 in developed countries.

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Delivering Project Results
15/03/2018, by in Workshops

Delivering Project Results program is intended to lay the foundation for applying change management on projects. The goal is to connect employee adoption and usage with the results and outcomes of your projects, and understand how change management drives increased adoption and usage. Program Len... Read more...

Program for Managers
15/03/2018, by in Workshops

This program gives managers and supervisors the tools and skills necessary for understanding and processing change themselves and then successfully leading their teams through change. Using the Prosci Change Management Process for Managers and Supervisors and accompanying toolkit, managers will eval... Read more...

Employee Orientation
27/02/2018, by in Workshops

Successful change relies on the acceptance and engagement of your employees, one individual at a time. The Change Management Orientation for Employees is based on the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change and the ADKAR® Model to help employees engage in the change process. Participants will gain a ... Read more...

Practitioner Certification
27/02/2018, by in Workshops

Participants will be equipped with Prosci’s research-based change management methodology and tools including the Prosci 3-Phase Process, Prosci® ADKAR® Model, Change Management Toolkit, and Change Management Pilot Professional in order to develop scaled change management strategies for projects ... Read more...

Sponsor Briefing
27/02/2018, by in Leadership, Workshops

Active and visible sponsorship is the number one contributor to overall project success. This Sponsor Briefing program provides the “what” and “why” of change management in terms that resonate with senior leaders; what change management is and its critical connection with achieving business ... Read more...

Prosci Change Management Training and Certifications
06/02/2018, by in Workshops

Prosci® Change Management Training and Certification It’s a well-known fact that 70% of all change efforts fail to meet their objectives. However, 94% of organizations that apply affective change management meet their objectives. Excellent change management makes a project nearly five times as l... Read more...